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corporate event planning

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it’s good to plan a corporate event and help your brand easily connect and engage with potential customers. whether you want to position your brand or launch a new product, all is possible with a right corporate event planning. you should thus hire an expert agency for your events so that brand buil

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salsa 1-day intensive

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at salsa tropical, we offer a wide array of salsa dance classes including http://www.salsa-tropical.com/1-day-intensive/, private lessons among many others at a price that'll fit right into your budget. november 18, 2017 salsa 1-day intensive with mike & valeria

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videographer | Kent

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when you plan for your big day, it?s always good to rely on a professional videographer in kent who will definitely help you meet your goals at very low budget. our experienced and certified videographer has a latest camera on his arm and is equipped with various other useful necessaries to deliver


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